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Blue Ridge Rock Shop - Emerald Village NC Gem Mining
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Blue Ridge Rock Shop

One of the newest additions to Emerald Village is the acquisition of the adjacent Blue Ridge Gemstone Mine, established in 1984 and operated by Richard Johnson until his death in 2008. This beautiful property is within walking distance of the other Emerald Village attractions, and the addition brings several new features to Emerald Village.

At the Blue Ridge Rock Shop, we finally have room to display more of the wonderful gems, rocks, and minerals that we offer. Browse through one of the largest rock shops in the area and marvel at the world of beauty that minerals and gems provide. Be sure to see the 330 pound Amethyst Geode!

You’ll discover one of the largest collections of local minerals and gems for sale in the area, including Crabtree Emerald, Ray Mine Aquamarine, Mica from the Hoot Owl Mine, Amazonite, Garnets, Smoky Quartz, Torbernite, and Hyalite Opal. We also have a wide variety of world-wide mineral specimens, along with trays and trays of rough cutting rock, slabs, polished stones, stone bookends, wind chimes and more.

We offer a large selection of jewelry items, a huge variety of cut and faceted gems, and a big inventory of value-priced amber and other items. Facet grade rough is available. We carry 4 different sizes of Lortone rock tumblers so you can polish the gems you find. We have a cutting shop and can custom cut any kind of cabochon from your rough gems.

The Blue Ridge Rock Shop adds another dimension to make the Emerald Village experience bigger and better than ever before. There truly is more to see and do all the time!

If you have any questions please contact us at 828-ROK-MINE (765-6463), email us, or use our online request form.

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