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M-004 Mica for crafts, large trimmed very thin clear sheets, One pound pack!


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Mica is nature’s most interesting mineral, with many practical and metaphysical uses. This is a One pound value pack of large very thin trimmed clear mica sheets.  They are irregularly shaped and range in size from 2 to 8 inches wide and 6 to 12” long. One Pound will contain on average about 100 pieces. These are ideal for use in many craft projects, including jewelry, bookmaking, enameling, pottery and woodwork. They are easily trimmed with a pair of scissors. Here’s an inexpensive way to add some sparkle to your creations. Let your imagination run wild! Price is $40.00 plus $20.40 Priority Shipping & Handling for a total of $60.40. M-004 $60.40