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This is a beautiful custom-cut emerald in matrix mounted in a pendant. Emerald is the birthstone for May and the official state gemstone for North Carolina. In all of the United States there are only two locations that have been mined commercially for emeralds, both in North Carolina. This stone is from one of them, the famous Crabtree Emerald Mine near Little Switzerland, NC. This mine opened in 1895 and was mined by Tiffany’s in the early 20th century. Now abandoned and closed, no emeralds have been mined at this mine in decades. This beautiful gemstone was cut from rough mined many years ago and hidden away. As is typical, the green emeralds are small and embedded in a matrix of white quartz, feldspar and mica, which creates a pretty contrast between green and white. This stone measures 25 x 18 mm and is mounted in a sterling silver pendant (chain is not included).  It is uncertain if emeralds will ever be mined at this famous location again. Here’s your chance to own a rare gemstone from a historical mine!  Priced at $160.00 plus Priority shipping and handling (plus tax if shipped to a NC address).

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