Large Blue Agate Windchimes


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Beautiful Agate windchimes, crafted from slices of Agate geodes that have been dyed in vibrant colors!  They measure around 25 and 30 inches.  These chimes may look delicate, but are tougher than you might imagine!


However, here are a few tips to prolong the life of your new windchimes:
Do not hang in direct sunlight (the sun shining through them looks very pretty but may cause them to fade over time, and may cause UV damage to the clear line used to hang the slice).
Hang in somewhat protected areas (don’t put in the windiest spot – a gentle breeze is all they need to sound nice).
Hang using a closed loop system – use an eye screw or something similar, then attach the chimes to the hook using a metal shower curtain hook or some type of hook that fully closes (if they fall off the hook and hit a hard surface the slices may break).
Bring inside during severe weather.
The chimes you order will not be the exact chimes that are in the photograph, but will be very similar.  We will hand select a beautiful set from our warehouse.  Some sets have round agate slices and other sets have more oval slices.  These will be shipped with insured USPS Priority Mail for 3-4 day delivery to most US addresses.