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Emerald Village - Gem Mining North Carolina
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Discovery Mill Building

One of the most picturesque aspects of Emerald Village is the Discovery Mill building, which climbs up the mountain overlooking The Gemstone Mine. This fanciful building was inspired by the historic mill building that stood right across the road in early days, of which there is now no trace.

Discovery Mill encompasses 13 different floor levels of shops and exhibits and covers a wide variety of themes and collections. All the displays are free to the public, so allow a little time (and energy) to explore all the different rooms. As you climb the stairs each level offers a different vantage point to enjoy the impressive view looking into the Big Deal Mine.

The first floor houses the Crabtree Junction Shop, with information, clean restrooms, a variety of souvenirs and gifts, and the Deli. The Deli offers snacks, chips, drinks, coffee, popcorn and ice cream. There’s an indoor picnic area available right up the stairs or you can use any of our outside picnic facilities.

Some of the other attractions in Discovery Mill include:
  • The Model Railroad Exhibit – 2 working model trains in a fantastic display
  • The Black Light Mineral Display – incredible hidden colors come to life
  • The Homestead Museum – a collection of antique tools and equipment
  • The Worldwide Gem & Mineral Collection – some fantastic stuff
  • The Native Wildlife Exhibits – a favorite of the kids
  • The Antique Music Museum – awesome collection of organs, music boxes & more.

The Discovery Mill Building adds new levels of adventure and exploration to your Emerald Village experience. It’s fun to discover Discovery Mill!

If you have any questions please contact us at 828-ROK-MINE (765-6463), email us, or use our online request form.

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