GP-0003 Gold Panning Kit with extra Gold Ore


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Gold in the US was first discovered in North Carolina! Experience the thrill of discovering GOLD with this NC Gold Panning Kit that comes with everything you need to get started!  Kit includes a 10.5” or 12” deluxe plastic gold pan, a small starter bag of North Carolina Gold Ore, a small snifter bottle to pick up gold flakes, panning instructions, and a small glass display vial for your gold. PLUS, we include an EXTRA medium-size starter bag (about 2 cups- a $25 value) of concentrated gold sand from a real North Carolina gold mine.  We guarantee gold in every kit! After learning to find gold with this kit, use your gold pan to explore local creeks.  Even if you don’t find gold, it’s a lot of fun! We ship by priority mail for quick delivery anywhere in the US. GP-0003