Slocum Opal Pendant in Sterling Silver


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Slocum Opal pendant in Sterling Silver!

Slocum Opal – also known as Slocum Stone –  was made by John Slocum, of Michigan, in the 1970’s. It was among the first imitation Opals on the market and was quite popular. It is a silicate glass containing super-thin layers of metallic film to give it the characteristic flashes of “Opal” color.

John Slocum’s exact methods of producing this material are unknown, and as such, it is increasingly rare. It is more durable than authentic Opal, and just as beautiful! Slocum Opal currently available on the market is old stock and quite collectible. Our stones were purchased from a man who was an acquaintance of John Slocum and are limited.

This stone measures 12 x 10 mm and has a white base color with bright specks of orange, gold, purple, pink, blue and green. No chain included.

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