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Giant Muscovite Mica sheet! Frame for unique natural wall art, or use in crafts.


Mica is nature’s most interesting mineral and has many practical and metaphysical uses. It has fascinated civilizations from early Indians to today. Rarely found this large, these incredible sheets were split from large blocks mined decades ago in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina.


These giant Muscovite Mica sheets are very irregular, and rough edges have been trimmed. They come in various light colors and are thin and flexible enough to be cut with scissors. Some contain delicate mineral tracings of Manganese and Hematite creating fantastic one-of-a-kind images. Photos of Mica sheets were taken on 11” x 17” white index stock background and include 12” ruler for scale. These sheets are ready to slip into a 11 x 17 picture frame to instantly create a beautiful, all-natural wall decoration unlike any other! Supply is limited!


We’ll send you one of these beautiful rarities for $50 plus Priority shipping and handling (plus tax if shipped to a NC address)! Our choice of a pretty piece and your satisfaction is guaranteed!


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